The Culmination of My Food Story, aka, Part Two.

I wasn’t actually going to write the second part right away. I was going to let it sit for a few days, maybe get some other work done. But I feel like I need to finish it now. I feel like the beginning was so dark and depressing that there needs to be some light at the end of this, there needs to be something hopeful and happy. Basically, I’m all gung ho to get this done and finished and walk away with a smile on my face. Until I realized I’d have to write it and share it. Because the first part feels very much like a past me, a much older version that is so far gone that to share her story would not be as vulnerable as sharing mine now (Yes, again I am in split personality mode, I can’t help it. It’s just the way it seems to be going. You’ll just have to go with it.). To continue from where I left off means to enter into more of my present, more into the part of me that people see and face every day (Ha! Well, not every day since I leave my house as little as possible.). It probably seems strange as I did pour my heart out in that last post, but when I hit the publish button, I didn’t feel like I was really revealing something crazy, because it was over, I’ve […]

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