Off the Grid

On facebook today, someone posted a short documentary of a little community of Canadians living off the grid on an island called Lasqueti located between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. Although, where it’s located doesn’t really matter. What matters is how they live. (I’ll try and post the link to the article on here, but with my skills at the computer I’m not sure how well I’ll manage. Which reminds me…anyone know of any good computer courses? I’ve had it with my ignorance and want to learn how to navigate webpages and programming like a boss. Oh yeah, back to off the grid living…) Check me out, I rock. Here is the youtube documentary:  A few months ago, I would have have watched that video and thought, “Oh! That’s what I want to do! Why can’t I be like them and live off the land in the forest like a fairy too?!” Okay, well, I doubt they live like fairies. I did not see any of them with wings or magic wands, but maybe they were hiding them for the sake of the documentary…. But I did want to live like that…free from cares and stress and pollution and Big Brother. And I thought, well, isn’t that what the majority of us want? The peace and serenity of nature, without having to deal with big corporations and consumerism and keeping up with the neighbors and, well, BC Hydro? If it wasn’t […]

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