Fatherhood vs Motherhood, or, The Hero and the Nothing

I just saw a post on Facebook where someone is making a new page, “Dads Winning at Fatherhood,” (or something like that, it’s probably best that I don’t know the exact wording in case they decide to attack me for hating their wonderful page idea.) and it angers me. The pages was simply¬†pictures of dads playing with their kids, letting their daughter’s paint their nails, having a tea party, reading to their children on the subway, and so forth. Basically, pictures of dads just being dads. Parenting. Doing exactly what is expected of a parent. Things mothers do Every. Single. Day. No, I’m not asking for gratification. I’m not asking for a “Mom’s Winning at Fatherhood” page on Facebook, hell, I feel like I lose a lot more than I win. But why, when a father steps up and parent’s his child, as they should considering it is their kid too, is it a huge cause for celebration and when a mom does the same thing, it is overlooked? I am so sick and tired of the double standard between mothers and fathers. For instance: My husband started a company, a business (not by himself, if anyone thinks¬†I’m trying to give him all the credit, I’m not) and there was absolutely no question that he would do it. He wanted something more out of his career and it was a no-brainer. Go for it, take a chance in life! Yay! […]

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