Keep your Courage and Kindness, Cinderella, I’ll take Dignity and Self-Respect Instead!

For the past week and a half or so, I’ve been trying to figure out just why so many people are raving about Disney’s new movie, Cinderella. Not just trying to figure it out, per say, but actually angry and irritated that so many people have only good things to say about this movie. Am I really the only one who wants to take Chris Weitz and Kenneth Branagh (writer and director, respectively) along with all those involved and shake some sense into them? Was I the only one gagging when Lily James was coming down the palace steps with her head out to the side, flipping it about in some suggestion of grace and loveliness? Now, before I continue, let me be clear. I like Lily James. I like Cate Blanchett. I like Kenneth Branagh and practically everyone else who was involved in this movie. This is not some slight at them, this is more….how shall I say it…disappointment? Yes. I am disappointed in everyone involved in this movie. Yes, this is a Disney princess movie so I shouldn’t have expected better. But I watched Maleficent, and it was awesome, so I stupidly thought they would have done something awesome like that with this one. But they didn’t. Instead they bought into all the typical weak girly shit involved in princess movies. Oh, they pushed Courage and Kindness you say instead of beauty and loveliness? Yeah, they pushed it […]

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