My Incredibly Long Food Story

You know those movies where multiple story lines are going all at once that seem completely unconnected but slowly come together in some huge climactic culmination? I love those kinds of movies, I think perhaps because they remind me so much of my own life. How can a movie with multiple characters remind me of my life, you ask? No, I do not have split personality disorder. But think about it for a moment… There are so many aspects to our lives, so many roles we play, so many hats we put on that we end up playing many different characters within this one lifetime: child, sibling, spouse, adult, teenager, friend, enemy and so forth. We are playing multiple parts at any given time. Look at the person whose career is skyrocketing while his homelife is failing. Or the one who seems to have a plethora of friends and family but no time for a career, or their health? Doesn’t it sometimes feels like so many parts of us are going in opposite directions and we just need them to come together, but have no idea if or when that will ever happen? That is how I am beginning to feel, or have felt for a long time. I’ve been very aware of the various hats I try to fill and how I only manage to get them about half way until I’m pulled in another direction, never feeling like […]

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