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So, I sat down to write a blog about digs. Not archaeological digs or wellsite digs, but personal ones. You know, those little comments and jabs that get put out there by people to cut you down but that are too subtle or quiet or twisted to be able to actually call them on the insult. But then something happened. What, you ask? It’s embarrassing, but I forgot the website of my blog. Can you believe it? Yes. I’m that much of an idiot that I forgot my very own blog’s website. That’s what happens when you start something then take three weeks off (for holidays, caring of children, laziness, summer… all the stuff that gets in the way of what you really want to do). And the funny thing is, the dig I got this morning was from a woman who was making some kind of comment on how I was put together and ready to go this morning. Ha! If she only knew! And that’s the problem, isn’t it? We don’t know. We never know. It is impossible to truly know what is happening inside another person and yet, we judge them. Why else would we make those little digs to cut them down but to try to make ourselves feel better for the perceived inadequacies that some part of another person has helped bring to the surface. That woman was bitter and jealous at me because I, […]

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I have re-read and re-written the same paragraph about fifteen times in the past half an hour. Why? Am I struggling to get that perfect word and just can’t find it? Putting those final touches on what will soon be an epic paragraph, one that will be underlined and quoted for many years to come? No. I’m trying to work at my kitchen table while the rest of my family goes on about their lives. Which means that my kids are arguing and crying, whining and wandering, one keeps popping her head around my laptop and reading over my shoulder, one is needing things from his bath, and they’re both incapable of keeping quiet for a minimum of thirty seconds. They are asking to play video games, asking to watch TV, asking where things are. And do you think they notice that I am frustrated and trying to concentrate on my computer screen? No. Why? Because they are children. And children have no idea there’s another world in existence that might not revolve around them…or more importantly, might not WANT to revolve around them, even for fifteen minutes. So I have given up on my attempts to edit the opening of Chapter 4. That chapter will have to sit idle for a little while longer. Probably until September. Or, realistically speaking considering the fact that there is to be an ongoing teacher’s strike into the fall, until November. Months to go […]

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Square One…Again

And here you go, my new blog. I have another one on another blog site. A site I can’t seem to access due to an inability to log into my account. It’s (in case you were interested and wanted to see that yes, indeed, I have done this before even if it was rather unsuccessful), and I had made quite a few posts. Some I really liked. And now, I have to start again. I’ll probably start cutting and pasting or linking to those blogs, when I figure out how to do that. The problem is, when you take someone like me (completely technologically useless) and start over on a new blog, try to get followers (not that I had many before, I think I had about, oh, 6?) and try to make it interesting, it usually ends up being a rather half-assed attempt at something that no one really wants to read. Because I have no idea what I’m doing, nor do I know how to get noticed or followers. And isn’t that why everyone writes a blog? To get noticed? Lets be honest, if I was just doing this for myself, I would continue to write in my journal. But it’s not just for me. Wait a minute, okay, it is technically for me in that the outcome is pretty selfish. To get read, noticed, known, and hopefully build some kind of career. So, yes, this is for me. But […]

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