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Why the Loss of Chris Cornell Broke My Heart

Just as I sat down to write this post, my most favorite male singing voice of all-time cut through my thoughts to tell me that, “To be yourself is all that you can do.” Was it more than he could do? Was being himself, being Chris Cornell, the man who wrote those lyrics, whose voice will be forever stuck in my head because I’ve never heard another like it, too much? It’s not up to me to wonder. It’s not up to me to make assumptions about why or how he died. I really didn’t know the guy. All I knew was his voice, his songs, from the time Black Hole Sun was being played at bush parties in highschool, to when I had every single word of his debut Audioslave album memorized, to now, when I find myself crying because a man I didn’t know, who had no idea who the hell I am, has died. “Drown me slowly,” that’s what I hear now. Maybe that is more appropriate for the occasion, maybe those lyrics are easier to handle right now while I’m trying to understand why my heart is breaking for someone I did not know but who touched me so deeply. The world has lost an incredible voice, and what’s worse, the articles are declaring it suicide. Suicide. This man, whose songs could cut straight to your heart, felt the only way to continue on was to not. I mean, isn’t that […]

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Marriage: What is it Good For?

“What would you do if I weren’t here?” That is what my husband asks me as he stares at the tower of containers of old/expired leftovers I left on the counter for him. “Well, obviously I’d throw them away,” I reply. “But you’re here, so I don’t have to.” I grin. He shakes his head, hiding a smile, and I know I’ve won. […]

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Never, Never, Never Give Up

…even if your parents tell you you should! My daughter just came into my office, her lips trembling, tears threatening to spill. Why? Because she’d just looked up some puppies she wanted on the shelter website, only to discover, they were gone. No longer available perhaps? But here’s the thing. She was never allowed to get the puppies. She just […]

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