Spring Break Read: The Fold


A little while ago I wrote a post about the one book you should read if you only read one book (check it out HERE if you haven’t read it). Now that Dark Matter, by Blake Crouch, has whet your appetite for all things parallel universe, you should check out, The Fold, by Peter Clines.

The Fold

I read The Fold, okay, I listened to The Fold on a 1200km return trip and it made the drive fly by. From the very beginning I was enthralled, focused, and had to know more. This is the second book I’ve read of Peter Clines (the first being 14) and my husband is reading his Ex-Heroes series, which, in our household, is a sign of his writing. While I will work through a wordy, heavily-descripted, metaphor saturated literary novel if there is something I can learn from it, my husband will not. It has to grab him, and grab him right away, or his ADHD kicks in and he will literally, put a sock in it and never touch it again (yes, because my husband will grab whatever is at hand to use as a bookmark and in most cases, because of our great laundry skills, it’s a sock. Don’t even try to talk to me about the havoc it wreaks on the spines of my books! I know!).

Now, I’m not saying The Fold isn’t well written, it sure as hell is. And I’m also not saying that he doesn’t do an amazing job of creating a world and throwing you right into the very heart of it. Because he does. However, what I am saying is that Peter Clines doesn’t waste his time with flowery descriptions and endless musings from within the protagonist’s head. He writes the story, and a helluva story at that.

As in Dark Matter, our protagonist is a brilliant scientific mind in a job that does not make use of the entirety of his potential. Which is fine. Because of course, as most brilliant minds in stories such as this, someone comes along to tap into his full abilities. And that is where the story starts. And the mystery and the danger and…well, I’m not here to spoil the book for you. I’m here to entice you to read it yourself!

What I love about this book, is that there is cutting edge science that opened my mind to  endless possibilities, without my having to be a science geek. I’ve always been more of a history nerd, so this cutting edge stuff kind of blows my mind unless presented in novel format. I can grasp it easier that way, even though you will have to expand the borders of your world to grasp the concepts he puts out there. But it’s completely doable and not so far removed that it’s impossible to believe.

And no, I’m not saying this is some scientific journal, it’s a story. A great story, full of possibility and potential and the ability to look at your world a little differently, and of course, danger and suspense and mystery. Which is why I am recommending it for those of you who have finished reading Dark Matter. (What? You haven’t read it yet! Well, go! Go get them both. They’re available at bookstores near you and online, so what’s your excuse?!)

What’s cool about Clines novel, The Fold and 14 (because you will want to read 14 when this is done if you haven’t already), is that there are elements that link this to early science fiction and horror (dare I say, the origins?) that you don’t need to know to enjoy, but that when you do know even a little about it, makes these books even better. I was never a follower of Lovecraft, knew nothing about him having come late into the world of Science Fiction and horror (as I said, history nerd) but after listening to a podcast on the beginnings of such genres, I learned a little bit about ancient monsters and so forth. Not wanting to spoil anything, read The Fold, then maybe read up a bit on Lovecraft and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


Either way, read this novel. I promise, you’ll like it, even if you’re not a lover of science fiction or horror (I was right about Dark Matter, wasn’t I?). It takes place in the here and now and adds the kinds of elements that will suggest the world that you are in might not be the only world you can be in. And isn’t that what great novels are supposed to do? Besides, 14 was a top-ten book on audible and the Toronto star hailed The Fold as a science fiction “must read.” So you don’t have to take my word for it (although you can, because, that’s what I’m here for!).

If you’ve read Dark Matter, please, comment, let me know what you think. Or if you have read The Fold or 14 and think I’m completely off-base or you agree, please, let me know as well. I’d love to hear from you!

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