Ignorant Assholes and Their Stupid Opinions

A headline on an online ezine goes like this:

Game of Thrones star Lena Headey shows of HUGE back tattoo in bikini on Ibizan holiday.

Actually, maybe I’ll just add the link for the entire article here:


Okay, so, feel free to read the article or not. It’s not that interesting, stating only that the actress has a back tattoo. A fairly large back tattoo, but I wouldn’t exactly call it HUGE nor would I think it is headline worthy. Except for the fact that I watched her walk naked for a good portion of the last Game of Thrones episode as Cersei Lannister on her way back to King’s Landing and there was no sign of this HUGE tattoo in the show. So, if this was headline worthy, then perhaps it should have been more along the lines of:

Game of Thrones Make Up Artists So Good you Never Realized Cersei had THIS Tattoo on her Back!

But I’m not mentioning this because of her tattoo. Her tattoo isn’t even very clear in the photo nor is it newsworthy (lots of people have tattoos, a woman’s tattoo should not be a headline), as far as I’m concerned. What is worth noting, however, is at the end of the article. Way down past the pictures and the ads for other feeds, is the comment section. The comment section where a bunch of ignorant men decided to share their close-minded opinions on the state of Lena Headey’s tattooed body, which then also extends to all women with tattoos.

The comments all seem to stem in the same manner. Basically, these men, these wonderful, opinionated (and I’m assuming incredibly hot, god-like men, because, as they say, “the first without sin should cast the first stone,” or, as I like to say, “don’t say anything unless you are absolutely fucking certain you are without blemish.” Okay, I don’t like to say that, I just made that up, but I do think that and try to live by it. Basically, if you have a plethora of men commenting on Lena Headey’s body and those of other women, then they’d better be chiseled like the god of the sun because if not, wait a minute…even then, shut the hell up and focus on your own body, leave everyone else to their own!)

Where was I?

Oh, yes. These comments, if you haven’t read them yourself, follow a similar line of reasoning. Women have tarnished their bodies with tattoos. For instance: Lena Headey has a good body, from the front. Why did she go and ruin it like that?

Actually, hold up a second. I’m going to use some of these comments and reply on here directly. Some of them are just so good and intelligent that they demand their own audience.

Comment #1:

Just came upon these photos after a Google search, and I remember Lena from “Sarah Connor Chronicles” as well as “Gossip” and felt she was very attractive. Of course, like all the other comments below, I’m totally turned-off by her tats. And, unfortunately, I think that’s the point: models and actresses are so often judged by their attractiveness, that they usually get to the point of resenting it. And by covering parts of their body with tats, it’s a way to thumb their nose at only being seen as pretty. IMO, that’s a dumb way to make a point, but I know several pretty women in LA that have gotten huge, ugly tats exactly for that reason. I wonder if Lena would agree that’s the reason she got her ugly tats?
Now, am I to understand that this man, this Derek St. John, is friends with aforementioned actresses and models? Does he have gaggles of them hanging off of him at all hours of the day whining about the fact that they are too pretty and that is all that others see? Because, as far as I’m concerned (and I do not pretend to know what models and actresses think as I am not them) these women are making a living partly off their looks. And moreso off of a great deal of hard work. Yes, they are judged by their looks and there has been a great deal of press about that fact and should be more to stop that, but I have not seen any articles or press releases suggesting these women are rebelling at the fact that they are being judged by their appearance by getting hideous tattoos. In fact, am I not right in thinking that many of them have insurance on certain body parts to keep them pristine as that is their income? Just as a truck driver has his means of income insured (his truck) so do certain models and actresses. Not all of them do this, I know, but I would think that when you make your living in a field where looks are very important, the last thing you will do is go out and ask for the ugliest tattoo possible to be permanently scraped into your skin just to prove a point. But hey, I don’t know them. And apparently, according to this Derek St. John, he knows several (let me repeat, several) pretty women in LA (because that definitely gives them more clout than say, in small town, Nebraska) that have gotten hideous tattoos just so they wouldn’t be pretty anymore. So, this must be true, right? Because, he knows these women. Because, it makes sense that women would do something like that. And actually, there are studies that suggest people (not just women) who do this have been sexually abused. So I’m pretty sure there are far larger psychological issues at play here than not wanting to be seen as pretty. But that’s just me. Who am I to question the opinion of Derek St. John who is so knowledgeable in the world of pretty women?! Or, pretty LA women?
Okay, onto another wonderful, incredibly open-minded comment…
Front looks good , back looks awful …….why do they do it ? ………………
……….I’ve never seen a tattoo yet on a Woman that looks better than what’s underneath it .
Now, first things first. I’m not sure if this comment is from a real, live adult, or a child. Perhaps someone who has not yet learned the rules of punctuation? Such as when to use a space after or, before a period and so forth? Either way, I find punctuation is often the first sign that the comment is going to be good, coming from such an educated source. And in this case, I am not wrong.
Why do we do it? Oh, let me see here, so that boys like you like us? Is that the correct response? Oh, no? Shoot. Because we are all one collective being, sharing the same mind and likes and dislikes, so obviously my reasons for getting a tattoo will be exactly the same as, say, Lena Headey’s. So, hmm…why do we, as in, all of us women, do it?
I don’t know! We are different people! We have ownership of our own bodies and minds and thoughts and emotions and every one of us are different in our thoughts and feelings and lifestyles. We do it for our own, personal reasons that really are none of your business. Why do you leave a space before a period, Mr. Avebury7007? Because, in my opinion, that is much more repulsive than the artwork that decorates my back.
And, never seeing a tattoo that looks better than what is underneath it? What about those women that use it to cover up scars? Scars that, to them, were ugly or stem from a terrible memory, or that caused them to be taunted and teased most of their lives? What about those women who have beautiful pieces of art tattooed over those scars to make them beautiful? The women who cry with joy when they see the end result because they finally feel beautiful? Who are you to decide that what was underneath was more beautiful, especially on someone else’s body?
Oh, give me a minute here, I need to go punch a wall.
2014-04-23 12.11.55
Okay, I’m back. And Onto the next one:
Whatever possessed the woman to ruin her body like that? These tattooists need to take a good hard look at themselves. They are defiling women wholesale and the stockpile of unsullied females is getting smaller by the day. Wake up women of Britain! The amount of drool you once warranted is also diminishing in equal measure.
I don’t even know where to start with this one. Wow. Okay. It’s funny that he used the word unsullied when discussing a tattoo on an actress from Game of Thrones (henceforth to be called GoT). In GoT, the Unsullied are slaves who are lacking balls/testicles, that were removed to eliminate any need for sexual pleasure, fornication, distraction, what have you. So, keeping along those lines, is that what we are to be? Are we women to be unsullied virgins? Should we stop fighting those who insist on circumcising women to preserve their purity and start pushing the practice on all of us? Oh, yes, because back in the ancient world, like Greece and Rome (as well as the new world ISIS is trying to create) women were to be clean, pure, and saved only for their men. And here I’d gone and totally forgot all about the women’s movement and feminism and, I don’t know, rights? Dammit! Who knew I was dirtying myself with these tattoos! Now no one sees me as the pure, virgin that I am? Crap. I guess now I’ll have to be on equal grounds with men, with rights to the same lives, needs, and desires that you’ve had all this time. Because I am a human too and have every right to portray myself as such, don’t I? Who knew I was ruining my body? And, I mean, like, it’s my body, right? The unsullied in GoT are slaves. But, I’m free, right? So that means, I can do whatever I want to my body, right? Oh, shoot, but then I won’t make others “drool.” Oh, dammit, I’m getting this all wrong!! If only I’d been taught to remain pure, wholesome and “drool-worthy” as a young, innocent virgin, then I might still be among the pool of unsullied women, causing men to drool the world over. Oh well, I guess I will just have to live filthy and dirty like the whore that I am. At least I can blame all of this on my tattoo artist, for it is him that defiled me. He is the one that caused this outrage. How dare he create these amazing works of art that have caused many people to stop and comment wherever I go. Shame on him! He is no better than the man who allows his wife to walk the streets with her hair uncovered! It is his fault! We should stone him to death!! Even if I did sign a waiver and agree to the procedure, shame on him! Quick, quick! Form the lynch mob to go after these evil tattoists who go around defiling women everywhere!!! Lets get purity back among the sexes – oh wait, only among women! Make women pure again!!!!
2013-10-03 18.26.50
And here’s another. Wow, it’s a good one too!
Tattoo’s are just awful. I have seen women lately with tats all down the back of their legs in no particular order, it just looks like they have messed themselves all over their legs. They are pretty women with nice figures and then they destroy their looks and bodies by doing this. This tattoo is particularly huge and gross, I will never understand why people want them, just because the stars and others have them. People can not be individual now, that is not fashionable!!
I don’t even know where to start with this one. Tattoos down the back of their legs IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER? Whaaaaat? So, if it were ordered better, Mr. Drumstick would appreciate them more? Then they wouldn’t look like she’d shite herself? Because, I do understand how tattoos can have the appearance of shit, being all brown and formless, with no ORDER to them at all. Yeah, most tattoos are like that. Just big, brown, disordered messes all over the backs of our legs.
Oh, Mr. Drumstick, of course you’ll never understand why we get them. Because you’re not us! How could you understand how anyone does anything if you aren’t them? I guess, you could probably ask someone, but you’ve already made up your mind, haven’t you? Right there in your comment: we get tattoos “just because the stars and others have them.”
And yes, while some stars have amazing tattoos that have been replicated, I’m not sure who these “others” are that you speak of. I mean, yes, I got my tattoos because a movie star had them. Because I wanted to be just like that movie star and thought, ooh, if I get tattoos then I’ll be just like them! Oh, wait a minute, no. That’s not at all why I got my tattoos. Whoops. Sorry, buddy! You’re dead, fucking, wrong!
All of you that commented are wrong! Completely, totally, wrong! Not to mention the other comments that were one word replies such as, “Gross!” I mean, gross? Really? It’s a tattoo. It’s not a pile of vomit on top your $30 steak. Someone actually tried to make an excuse for her, stating that they’d heard she’s really nice. Like, that will make it better? She’s nice so that makes the tattoo okay?
We live in a world where people think it’s okay to judge others, to look at their bodies and publicly post a comment on a international sight stating, “Gross!”
I was a goody-goody two-shoes pastor’s kid who was afraid to do anything wrong. And then I grew up. I’m not a bad ass. I’m still that same person I was as a child, only, now I know who I am. And who I am has tattoos. Why? Because I met a tattoo artist who was truly that, an artist. And now my body is a living, breathing, work of art. And I love it because of that. My reasons for being tattooed are not the same as the person next to me, for they are mine and mine alone. I am  not everyone else, I am only me. Just like everyone else is only themselves. We are all individuals with our own lives, desires, emotions, pasts, presents, and futures. Some of us have tattoos, some of us don’t. But none of us need to judge the other for it. Everyone’s lives are their own as are their bodies. No one, and I mean no one, has any right to make comment and judge, or decide what anyone else should do with their body. That was basically the first rule of kindergarten. Your body is your own and NO ONE has any right to harm it in any way, verbally or otherwise.
So, go ahead, Mr. Drumstick, Mr. tangerinedream, Mr. Django6421, make your stupid comments. But keep in mind, that’s what they are. Stupid. These are the grammatically incorrect ramblings of the unintelligent who feel the need to spread their filth. You hide behind a computer and make judgments about people who are out there living their lives. Just know, your words fall on deaf ears, because we are all beautiful, tattooed or not, you’re just too ignorant to see that, but we do. We are true to ourselves and not afraid to spread a little beauty around the world, even if that beauty comes in the form of a tattoo.
Keep in mind, those who judge others are an even harsher judge to themselves. Every insult, judgment, ugly word you spread only shows your own insecurity and self hatred. Stop judging others and you might find a little happiness for yourself.
2013-01-29 14.10.58


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