The First Four Things

Okay, so I figured if I said I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna do this. Right now. Because the best time to begin is right now, didn’t someone say that? It just takes that first step and all that? Or, like my favorite quote goes: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, magic and power in it. Begin it now.”

I am beginning it now…Feel free to join me and add your own responses to the prompts in the comments.

Day 1

As you can see, the first page has 4 things. I thought, in an effort to get through this faster, it’s best to just go through all of them at once (plus then I can have shorter answers, right? Because there’s 4 instead of one?).

1. What can happen in a second?

– I could quit. Anything. Just like that. “Fuck it, I quit. I’m done.” That usually only takes a second.
– You can get the most amazing news that can change your life.
– You can get hit by a car.
– You can blurt out the wrong thing and make an ass of yourself.
– You can hit enter on a key pad and spent way too much money on a pair of shoes.
– You can take a breath and feel so grateful for your life.
– You can jump off a cliff.
– You can smell a rose (Ha! See the cheesy reference there? It only takes a second to stop and smell the roses? Damn, I’m so awakened.)
– You can trip.
– You can kiss your kid.
– You can break someone’s heart.
– Someone can break your heart.

2. The worst Thanksgiving dish you’ve ever had.

Brussel sprouts. No question there. No hesitation. I friggin’ love thanksgiving, everything about it. Except brussel sprouts. Ooh, and turnips. Blecht. Gross. The thought of those two things just made me puke in my mouth.

On that note…moving on to number 3: A houseplant is dying. Tell me why it needs to live.

Oh, way to hit me with the emotional ones. My dad loved orchids. He had several and had a bunch of seedlings. When they flowered he would be so proud. “Isn’t this beautiful?” he would say. “Jo, Jo! Come here, look at this! Wow, the colors are so amazing!” It was a huge passion of his. He had this beautiful plant that had two big shoots of white orchids blooming when he died. He had taken a bunch of pictures of it, he just loved it. I wanted to keep those plants alive for him. I wanted to keep them going because for me, they were what he’d left behind for me. And I sucked at it. That big, beautiful plant has died. I was so desperate to keep it alive, to keep a part of him alive, and I couldn’t and in that, I feel like I failed him. I feel like if I’d just paid a little more attention to his passion, to his love of orchids, I would have known how to keep it alive. But the fact that it died just feels like neglect, neglect of his plant and neglect of him when he was alive. I have 5 left out of more than a dozen. It is very important to me that I keep them alive, I feel like I owe him that.

Alright, and that happy thought brings us to 4: Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017.

– I made it to the top of the New York Bestseller list! Whoop whoop!
– Going on a book tour!
– Heading to Europe!
– Moving to Nova Scotia!
– Not another birthday! No! Make them stop!
– No way is my kid finished grade 7! Where did the time go!
– I finally got an airplane! Whoop whoop!
– As if any of my facebook posts would be that short! My back is just starting to hurt and my brain is fried so that was all I could manage.

Okay. Now it’s your turn. Feel free to add to any of these!

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